Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adaptive Predictive Dialer

As part of the Adaptive Contact suite of applications, the Adaptive Predictive Dialer drives the productivity of people who make calls to consumers.  Callers using this application typically talk to more people each day and are therefore more productive.  

Predictive Dialing is best suited for calling consumers, where only a percentage of people called will answer the phone.  With Predictive Dialing, the call is dialed by the computer or phone system, and once answered, is transferred to the user. To be most effective, full Predictive Dialing usually requires a team of at least ten callers or agents and the calls must be of a reasonably predictable duration.

The Adaptive Predictive Dialer includes a proprietary method of dialing, called Overdial, that is designed for use by teams of as few as three callers, or for situations in which the type of calls being made do not have easily predictable call duration.

The Adaptive Predictive Dialer can easily be integrated with other applications via “txt” files or SQL, and the application also supports screen-popping.

The Adaptive Predictive Dialer provides management control enabling managers to decide who will be called, in what order and when.

Comprehensive management reporting also allows managers to make decisions on how to organize the team in the most effective way. A wide variety of real-time and historical reports are included. Real-time reports show the current activity of the callers/agents and the status of queues while historical reports include extension, caller/agent, team, campaign and dialer activity.The Adaptive Predictive Dialer includes an SQL Export facility, so that all data can be automatically exported to a reporting tool of your choice.

The Adaptive Predictive Dialer includes the following benefits:
  •    Unique algorithms enable predictive dialing using smaller teams or for non-uniform 
  •    Useful for SME sales offices, Telemarketing or Call Centers making business to
       residential phone calls
  •    Increases amount of time each caller/agent spends talking to customers
  •    Reduces time required for each caller/agent to be connected to a customer
  •    Better staff management through management reporting
  •    Increased productivity and reduced costs

The key capabilities and features of the Adaptive Predictive Dialer include:

  •   Preview, Progressive, Predictive and Overdial dialing styles and ability to mix and
      match to suit circumstances
  •   Import of data from CSV or SQL databases
  •   Unlimited number of queues and campaigns
  •   Support for up to 10 numbers per contact
  •   Automatic and manually scheduled call-backs
  •   Inbound and outbound call blending
  •   Comprehensive management reporting
  •   Ability to export data to external reporting tools
  •   Integrated Call Recording (requires Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder also)
  •   Integrated SMS and Email (requires Adaptive Messaging also)
  •   Integrated Web Call-Back and Web Chat (requires Adaptive Web Assist also)

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